Find a Jewelry Appraiser

Each piece of jewelry you purchase should have a written appraisal that:

  • describes all characteristics of the piece, including weights, grades, and measurements;
  • states any treatments given the gem that are not part of the usual processing of this type of gemstone, or states that the gem is untreated;
  • states whether the gem is natural or synthetic;
  • gives the manufacturer, workmanship, metal and karatage of the mounting;
  • gives the value of the jewelry; and
  • includes a photograph of the jewelry.

Such an appraisal will serve as your written assurance of the quality of the jewelry. It will also help your insurer set the proper premiums. And, should you ever need to file a claim, this detailed description insures that your replacement jewelry matches the quality of the piece you originally purchased.

Insurers recommend that their policyholders get jewelry appraisals on JISO forms. Visit the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization website for more information and forms (downloadable at no charge).

If your jeweler is a Certified Insurance Appraiser™, he will already have the JISO appraisal forms. A CIA™ is a professional gemologist (holding a GG, CG, FGA or equivalent degree) with additional training in meeting the high appraisal standards of the insurance industry.

The JISO appraisal not only includes all the essential components mentioned above, it also certifies that the stones were thoroughly inspected by the appraiser in a gem lab. This means the jeweler is not just taking the word of the gem supplier, but he knows the quality of the gems from his own examination of them.

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